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Amhult 2

Design, construction and management

The english part of our website is under contruction, and translations will be added soon.


The activity of Amhult 2 consists of property development, land acquisition, development, and management of rental apartments, offices, and commercial spaces.

Our business

The premises are suitable for both private, municipal, and government tenants and administrations. Our current tenants for the premises also include restaurants, gyms, wellness facilities, hotels, and offices. Our long-term strategy is the management of the residential and commercial properties that we construct as total turnkey projects.

The company has a fee-based waiting list for our rental apartments that includes several hundred applicants. Our long-term need for land for construction is secured for a long time ahead, and unlike several property developers in the market, we do not produce condominiums but only rental apartments.

Tenant portal

Tenant portal

Here you will find information related to your accommodation with us.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us following the instructions under "Report a Fault" and "Property Management Issues" or "Contact Us."

Residential waiting list

Residential waiting list

Do you want to apply for an apartment with us? You can find all the information you need under "Housing Queue".

Available 3 rooms and kitchen apartment

This well-planned 3-room apartment in Luftseglaren 2 block will be available in March 2024, right in the heart of our popular neighborhood!

Lediga lokaler se hit!

Klicka här för att hitta alla våra lediga lokaler!

The next reporting opportunity

The next report is the year-end financial communication, scheduled to be published on February 23, 2024!

Hercules block

We kick off the year 2024 by initiating preparations for the rental of the northern building in the Hercules block! Everyone in our housing queue will receive more information about this exciting project.

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Financial info

Spotlight stock market

Amhult 2 is traded at Spotlight Stock Market.

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